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MRC Monthly #02 - Feburary 2014

Welcome to the second edition of our Monthly MSX newsletter.The shortest month of the year usually boasts only a small amount of news, but the deadline of our Game Music Cover Challenge ensured this month was quite action packed after all. So here goes, our highlights of the news!

Game Music Cover Challenge
closes with 20 entries!

MSX Game Music fans rejoice, as our first MSX Game Music Cover Challenge has just closed with no less than 20 entries showing the skills of MSX minded composers around the world. The diversity and quality of all entries is impressive - leaving the jury in quite a tough spot to pick a winner.

Relevant link: GMC Closing post & Entries

The making of MSX-DOS

The name Tim Paterson might not instantly ring a bell, but hey played a key role in the history of computers ,being the developer of not only the original MS-DOS 1.0, but also the person who ported it to MSX-DOS. He shared his personal history on our MSX Wiki. Definitely worth a read

Relevant link: The making of MSX-DOS

Nextor 2.0 final

The future of MSX-DOS is without a doubt the disk operating system Nextor, which was built upon the source code of MSX-DOS 2.One of its key features is the ability to run from a single FAT16 partition, which improves exchangeability with personal computers.

Relevant link: Nextor 2.0

TriloTracker Tutorial

Gryzor87 has created an extensive manual/tutorial for the SCC/PSG music tracker called TriloTracker. The tutorial comes with two disks filled with jawdropping (eardropping?) songs, waveforms and instruments - enough to get yourself started with this recently released tracker. 

Relevant link TroloTracker Tutorial

Nijmegen 2014 photo shoot

On January 25th the annual MSX Fair in Nijmegen was held at Wijkcentrum Hatert. An impressive list of standholders and quite a few visitors enjoyed a great day with demonstrations of TriloTracker, openMSX, a table top Arcade, SD-Snatcher for Super Nintendo, Synthesix, SymbOS, NoWind, PseudoMSX, MIF, Adam and much more. An impression of the fair is now available in our photo shoots corner.

Relevant link: Nijmegen 2014 photo shoot

SD-Snatcher ACE - 2014 demo

dangaioh has released an updater preview release of his remake of the legenrady Konami/Kojima game SD-Snatcher. The demo version, created in RPG Maker VX ACE, covers nearly half of the game now (sewers area) and although it is exclusively in Spanish an English release is planned as well.

Relevant link: SD-Snatcher ACE - 2014 demo

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