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MSX Resource Center - Newsletter restyled and revived!

Hello there, MSX fans! It's been a long time since we sent out a regular newsletter. We felt it was high time to send pick up an old tradition and see if we can keep you informed about the most important MSX news on a monthly basis from now on. While we're at it, we improved the look and feel of our newsletter a lot. Hopefully you will appreciate it as much as we do. Please let us know what you think of it! 

Now then, on with the news....

Thirty Years MSX Event - Live footage

Because this our first newsletter in a long time we have quite a bit of catching up to do. But it is almost undoable and a bit pointless to bring you 'old' MSX news, so we'd better start with a clean slate. We would not want you to miss out on our personal highlight of 2013, however: the celebration of MSX's 30th anniversary with live performances of Carola Cortenbach and West Side Trio featuring Zanne.

Carola Cortenbach - 1983

During the Thirty Years MSX Event 17 year old performer Carola Cortenbach took the stage and sang a hommage to the MSX Computer system, composed by MSX.org crewmember Wolf.

The 9 minute song is a melancholic show tune that contains themes from Nemesis 2, Dragon Slayer 6 and Xak - The Tower of Gazzel.

Relevant link: Carola Cortenbach - 1983 (live)

West Side Trio ft. Zanne

Also on TYME, the Amsterdam violin/viola/cello ensemble West Side Trio performed their interpretation of 5 well known MSX Game songs, accompanied by mesmerizing visuals of Zanne

Listen to SD-Snatcher, Illusion City, L'Affaire, Metal Gear and Dragon Slayer VI - Legend of Heroes like you never heard before!

Relevant link: West SIde Trio plays MSX ft. Zanne

SD-Snatcher retranslation released

First announced during MSX Resource Center launch party Event Eleven, the highly anticipated retranslation of Konami RPG SD-Snatcher is now available. Finally an accurate translation for this impressive Hideo Kojima game!

Relevant link: SD-Snatcher retranslation "Project Melancholia"

Tecnobytes announce new MSX with V9990 and OPL4

 Brazilian hardware developers Tecnobytes have announced they are about to unveil a brand new MSX computer, featuring a Yamaha OPL4 sound chip and two Video Display Processors, superimposed, combining the MSX2+/turboR V9958 and the higher spec V9990. We are highly anticipating further specs of this device - and will make sure to follow this project closely.

Relevant link: Tecnobytes announce new MSX with V9990 and OPL4

TriloTracker 0.7.0

TriloTracker is an SCC/PSG music tracker inspired by Vortex Tracker II and Fast Tracker 2. After a year of closed beta releases, the developers deemed it time to release the current version to a broader audience. An MSX-MUSIC version of the tracker is to be expected in the near future as well.

Relevant link: TriloTracker 0.7.0

Glass Z80 assembler

Laurens Holst is back in action with a JAVA based Z80 assembler called Glass. Features include regular and repetition macros, block scopes and section directives.

Relevant link:
Glass Z80 assembler 0.3

js80 assembler

Another new flavor of cross-platform Z80 assemblers is js80 by samsaga2. Based on NodeJS and inspired by SjASM the first release supports macros, map, structs and pages.

Relevant link:
js80 assembler 0.21

SCC chips in FPGA

Korean hardware developers gomwing and Megaminx have created a pin-compatible FPGA implementation of Konami's SCC chip that sounds almost undistinguishable from an original SCC chip.

Relevant link: SCC chips in FPGA

openMSX 0.10.0

Open-source MSX emulator openMSX has been updated to version 0.10.0, adding many new features including cycle accurate VDP command engine timing, an Android port, subdirectory support for dir-as-disk and Neos MA-20 support. 

Relevant link: openMSX 0.10.0
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Game Music Cover Challenge

Music Composers, pay attention! Time to show your (re)arrangement skills to the MSX scene by creating a cover of one or more songs originally used in commercial MSX games. Whether you use a bunch of synths, a symphony orchestra, use classic MSX soundchips or go a-capella is completely up to you!

So far we have received four entries: 

GMC #1 - Xak II - Opening Sequence by Meits
GMC #2 - The Treasure of Usas - Ending by TheMysteryStudios
GMC #3 - Space Manbow - Beyond the Battleship by Jorito
GMC #4 - F-1 Spirit - Hot Summer Riding by yzi

Relevant link: Game Music Cover challenge (deadline extended to February 28th!)

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